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Residential Services

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A student poses for a photo with his mother before heading to the prom.Residential services are offered at the Nebraska Center for the Education of Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired. Services are offered at the Center in order to provide intense training in specific skills related to the blind or visually impaired such as Braille, technology, orientation and mobility, and daily living skills. The duration of this service will vary due to the needs of the student, family and local education agency.


The Center’s Residential Services

The Center provides:

  • Education for academic, functional, and multi-disabilities students until age 21
  • Intense training in specific skills
  • Continuation of resident school academics
  • Assessment and Evaluations
  • Training for transition to resident school district


If you have more questions about life in our dorms contact Toni Bruce, Residential Coordinator, at 1-800-826-4355 or email