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Center-Based Programs

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A student floats on her back in a pool while being held up by the swimming instructor.Students have the option of attending the Nebraska Center for the Education of Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired for specialized services based upon the student’s educational needs as indicated by the individual education plan. Full or part–time educational placement for varying durations is available. Residential services may be provided in addition to the center–based educational program. Residential services may include independent living skill training, social skill training, community participation, and recreation and leisure activities.


The Center’s Programs

The Center provides:

  • Academic programming
  • Continuation of local school district academics
  • Intense training in specific skills assessments and evaluations
  • Collaboration with educators and parents for the student’s return to local education agency
  • Transition programming for adult life
  • Partnerships with local public schools to provide educational opportunities
  • Specialized services for students with blindness, visual impairments and multiple disabilities